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Taipei Interactive English Club (簡稱 iEnglish Club) 正式創立於2012年為非營利的英文讀書會及英語會話社團,提供英語會話及英語演講等全英文口說環境,討論國際新聞、 生活旅遊新知、每週精選文章等,至今成功舉辦超過200場聚會活動。社團成員 大多以上班族及研究生為主,在 iEnglish 可以增進英文能力更能拓展人脈及社交圈,歡迎來看!


Taipei Interactive English Club (iEnglish) was founded in 2012 as a non-profit English Club, providing an all English environment for practicing English conversation and public speaking.

 FAQs: https://www.ienglishclub.tw/index.php/ienglish-club-faq


Activity Schedule During Gatherings 

14:30-15:20- Session I: Current Events Discussion (News/Free Talk)

15:20-15:30- Feedback I

15:30-15:40- Regrouping & Break

15:40-16:00- Speaker Session

16:00-17:00- Session II: Article Discussion (Please MUST read weekly article)

17:00-17:15- Feedback II

17:15-17:30- Closing (Welcome to have dinner with us!)




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Gathering Looks Like: