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Session I: Current Events Discussion

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1. Please share one of the news or issues that you read about this week. Why were you interested in this particular item?


2. What is the significance of this news or issue? Who or what is it about? Was it reported in the media here? How would this affect our daily lives?


3. How do you think this news or issue will be viewed 10, 100, 1000 years from now? Has a similar event occurred before in history?


Session II: Article Discussion

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4. After reading the article, do you think what the Taiwan IPO is planning to do is similar to SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) in the US? Why did SOPA aroused so much criticism and why was it rejected? How is Wikimedia Taiwan planning to respond according to the article? How do you think your ability to share things online would be affected by this?


5. Do you think a democratic government has the right to restrict certain websites on internet services you paid for? Why do you think the government is planning on doing this, according to the article? Do you think the government is pressured by Hollywood or other businesses keen on shutting down piracy? The issue of online copyright is a war between internet service providers and copyright holders, and some critics therefore refer to it as "Silicon Valley vs. Hollywood". Which side would you bet your money on?


6. Do you know which branch of government the Taiwan IPO belongs to, and why? Do you think the IPO has the power to block websites without seeking confirmation from other branches of government, according to our current laws? Have you visited or lived in a country which has no freedom of speech? How is it different?


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