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Session I:


1. According to the article, what are the characteristics of a "male feminist"? How do you identify such a person? How did your parents instill good or bad influences on you with regards to gender issues? 

2. What should male feminists do more to help gender equality? Who is used as an example in the article? How did he support feminism?

3. Do you know anyone who is a male feminist around you? How do they express their opinions in this area? 


Session II:


4. Do you agree with the male feminist stereotypes portrayed in the article, and why or why not?

5. The article mentions ”One of the worst myths about gender is that men and women can't be friends, whether it's because of the sex thing or the mere conditioning we do to children from the time they are school age“. Why do you think male/female friendship is hard to maintain sometimes?

6. After reading the article, can you accept that sometimes, "women are breadwinners; men are homemakers"? Why is this still viewed as unnatural in our society today?  


Reference TED talk, Courtney Martin: Reinventing Feminism

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0 #2 Ian Chang 2013-04-13 00:46
文章裡面提到Nirvana的歌 "Smell like teen spirit",這裡有一篇簡介 :
+1 #1 Dustin 2013-04-10 21:52
Further reference:

Margaret Thatcher: a feminist icon?

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