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Session I:


1. How did you obtain your educational credentials? Were you only educated in schools? In your opinion or your parents' opinion, if the education from schools are not sufficient, how do you make up the gap?


2. What do you think of the educational system in Taiwan? What do you know about the educational systems in other countries? Please share with us the pros and cons of the systems among the different countries.


3. Have you heard about the so-called home-schooling? Would you choose to homeschool your children? What does the article say about the current problems in schools?


Session II:


4. In the info-explosion era of today, how do you choose the right channel to access information? How do you think we should better develop the critical thinking mentioned in the article?


5. Do you agree with the viewpoints in the article? Do you think the educational system here has gotten worse due to reforms, and why or why not? Do you think children today are learning things too early and missing out on their childhood? What problems can this cause?


6. If your children are taught by teachers who don't actually know their subjects well, what would you do? How do you motivate your children or yourself to learn something new? 


Reference TED talk, Ken Robinson: Changing education paradigms







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