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Article link:


Session I:


1) Can you give us a summary of this article? What points of the article impress you the most, and do you agree with them?


2) How often do you get lost while browsing the net? Do you feel it’s getting harder and harder to concentrate, even when you’re offline?


3) Do you read a book often nowadays? What’s the difference between reading a physical book and reading something online? Do you get more and more impatient to finish a book? Do you agree that we are "how" we read?


Session II:


4) What’s the story of Nietzsche’s typewriter according to the article? Do you agree that the tool we use will change the way we think? How do you define Google as a tool? Will Google change the way we think? Is there any shortcomings of getting a quick answer with Google?


5) Have you forgotten how to write many Chinese characters due to typing with the aid of a computer? What other skills that you used to have have deteriorated due to technology?


6) If you are using a smartphone now, do you think it has harmed your old abilities in anyway?  Do you think you used to concentrate better when you used the old Nokia 3310 or other feature phones? What does the article say about how technology is changing our brain? Do you agree?








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