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Session I:


1. New Year's customs vary all around the world, which one impresses you the most after reading the article? Would you like to experience or witness the festive customs in the article in person? Can you share your experience celebrating the New Year in other countries?


2. Except for the customs mentioned in the article, do you know of any special customs in other countries? What do people hope to achieve through the customs? Can you briefly describe one or two customs to your discussion partners and share with them about your thoughts?


3. What other customs or traditions do we have in Taiwan? Do your family still follow them during the Lunar New Year? Do you think people celebrate less and less, not to mention the celebrations have gradually become simpler like everything is changing over the generations? If so, do you hope to keep initiating the traditions into each new generation?


Session II:


4. China (including Hong Kong), Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, and Malaysia celebrate Lunar New Year. Taiwanese celebrate the New Year twice every year. Which one means much more to you? Why? (footnote: the Thai New Year is celebrated on April 13.)


5. Every New Year is a moment for us to think about our past and future, what are your good memories during the last year? Everyone loves to make New Year's resolutions. What are yours for the Year of the Snake? 


6. What are your plans for the coming Lunar New Year holidays? Do you hold certain superstitions about the snake? Would you consider getting married or having a child this year?






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