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Session I


1. What do you know about obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)? Do you or your family members have this mental disorder? How would you feel if you had this problem? 


2. What causes OCD? Is it a common illness? Why do you think mental disorders are more common in today's society?


3. According to the article, how many kinds of symptoms are there? How do these symptoms affect people's daily lives?


Session II


4. Can OCD be prevented? How can we prevent ourselves from suffering OCD? What are some of your quirks, such as picking out all the watermelon seeds before eating a slice, and do you think these types of behaviors are signs of OCD? 


5. What can we do to help our family members or friends who are traumatized by this mental disorder?


6. Do you know any other mental disorders other than OCD? What are they called? What are some of their symptoms? Are they more common than OCD?



Reference TED talk, Jon Ronsson: Strange answer to the psychopath test







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