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This gathering is our new year's special!!  Session one is still our usual article discussion session, but in session 2 we will play a game called "Would I Lie To You"


Q1. Do you think your personality changes with age gradually? What’s different between your young age and current age? What kind of thought you had been changing with age?  What is the reason you think that age makes humans change personality? Job or marriage or family or hobby or any others? 


Q2. Do you agree particular age suitable for particular event? E.g. sport is suitable for young people. For you, what is the best age to fall in love? What is the best age to pursue career success? What is the best age to get married? Why?


Q3. Do you agree when you get older you also get pickier to choose a lover? I think that because we understand more clearly about the criteria of our lover. So it will more difficult to find Mr./Ms. Right when you get older. What do you think?


Q4. Please tell us what is your expectation for you will become 10 years later? What kind of endeavor you do now for becoming the person you want?


Game Session:



This game is adopted from the British panel game "Would I Lie To You" in the link above.  

You should either try to make your lies sound credible, or make the truth sounds like a big fat lie. 


Each of you will be required to write down the most ridiculous events that you have ever done or has happened to you.  These events will be mixed up with the bogus events that we made up.  At the beginning, the game master will pick one event from a team without knowing it is a truth or a lie.  After the event is revealed, the event owner will be interroagted by other teams, and the owner is obligatory to answer each and every question posed.  When the interrogation is over, each team except the event owner will guess whether the event is a truth or a lie.  A successful guess gets you one point.  The team with the most points in the end is the winner.





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