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Session I:


1. Do you know anyone who meets most of these 8 signs described in the article? 


2. Why do you think some businessmen are control freaks? How do their personalities contribute to their success or failure in their businesses?


3. Are you a control freak? Do you have any of the signs mentioned in the article? Give an example of when you felt the urge to control somebody or something, but this turned out badly.


Session II:


4. In your opinion, how do you deal with a control freak? If your boss is a control freak, how do you use some of the advice in the article to have better relationships?


5. Do you think you are a popular person? How do you improve your relationships with others?


6. The article mentions "Never compromise your self-respect by altering your core beliefs". What are some of your core beliefs in your life, and how have these beliefs helped you in a tough situation?





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