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Sessions I and II:


1) Please divide into teams of two, and take turns asking the first question mentioned by the article: "Can you describe your Most Significant Accomplishment (MSA)?" Use the following SMARTe questions below to help guide the person you are interviewing: 


Specific task: Can you please describe the task, challenge, project, or problem?


Measurable: What actually changed, or can you measure your performance somehow?


Action: What did you actually do and what was your specific role?


Result: What was the actual result achieved and/or what was the deliverable?


Timeframe: When did this take place and how long did it take?


environment: What was the environment like in terms of pace, resources, level of sophistication, the people involved, and your manager?


2) Imagine the following scenario: you or the people you are managing cannot meet an important deadline. Please describe how you would handle your potentially angry boss or customers? Do you have a previous experience dealing with a similar situation? Describe how a similar plan of action helped save the day, or if you never had the experience, describe how you would face failure?







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