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Q1. Please summarize this song by Kelly Clarkson. Did you ever have the experience that you love (or understand) someone so much that you realized separation was the best solution for each other in the end? What were your reasons for separation in your previous relationships? How difficult was it to make these decisions? If you've never had such an experience, tell us what type of person you are looking for in a short or long term relationship.


Q2. What do you think are the main reasons that some relationships don't last? Religion, distance, parent’s opinion, personality differences, financial state gap, or other reasons? Which one is the most serious for you? Which one is least important in a relationship in your opinion?


Q3. If you've had a crush on someone, would you try to advance the relationship even though you don’t think it will work out in the end? Why or why not?


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Q4. Have you ever had the experience that you can’t live without someone because that person was most special to you at the time? Did you consider doing something you'd regret later after that person left?


Q5. Please summarize this song by Mariah Carey. Do you think these type of songs are good or bad influences on the listeners, and why? Describe how you feel after finish listening to the song. Do you think someone who may be sad after a failed relationship may be influenced to do something stupid after listening these type of songs, and why?


Q6. Some dramas or songs emphasize the value of love higher than life. Do you think this is the right value to promote? Do you think this constitutes a bad influence on the younger generation, and why or why not? Music has been proven to impact human behavior in positive and negative ways no matter physically or mentally. How can music be helpful or harmful? Please provide your personal experience to us.


Q7. In the host's opinion, losing others may hurt greatly, but losing yourself is most serious. There is no one more special than yourself. Do you agree with the notion that if you haven't learned to love yourself first, you'd never learn how to love anyone else? Have you had any previous experiences that support or disprove this opinion? 





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+1 #1 IrisChang 2013-03-21 16:17
Let's take some different food this Saturday.
泰國小館 provides the traditional Thai cuisine near 公館MRT station for decades. Welcome to join us!

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