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20131109, Robots and Robber Barons

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Session I: Current Events Discussion

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  1. Please share one of the news or issues that you read about this week. Why were you interested in this particular item?
  2. What is the significance of this news or issue? Who or what is it about? Was it reported in the media here? How would this affect our daily lives?
  3. How do you think this news or issue will be viewed 10, 100, 1000 years from now? Has a similar event occurred before in history?

Session II: Article Discussion

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  1. Why are high-skill and high-wage jobs replaced by robots in some fields such as translation and legal research? In your opinion, what kind of jobs will soon be displced? Do you agree that “innovation and progress can really hurt large numbers of workers, maybe even workers in general”?

    2. What is a “robber baron”? What is the origin of the term? How does robber barons affect the labor market? Do you think what happens in the US could also happen in Taiwan?

    3. What are the main points of the article? What would you do to face up to the challenges? If you were a business owner or a policy maker, what would you do to take advantage of the trend, and to alleviate the pain?

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