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20121208, article, His eyes are on the tiger 


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Session I:


1) If you have seen the movie, please give us a brief review of it. What did you like or didn't like about the film? What did Roger Ebert liked most about it?


2) Summarize the first story told by Pi, and also the second story. Which one do you believe? Do you believe a person and a tiger can live together for 227 days in the Pacific Ocean? Do you think there is a third version of the story? Does it matter what really happened?


3) What is your favorite scene in the movie? What would you change about the film? In the movie, Pi has three religious beliefs, but he was also told by his father to be realistic. Do you think these beliefs helped him survive?


Session II:


4) The movie was filmed to closely follow the novel. After watching the movie, will you try to find the novel to read? What do you know about the director, Ang Lee? Have you seen other movies directed by him? Which ones are your favorite?


5) Do you think you can survive 227 days in the Pacific Ocean? Please share with us your plan regarding how you would survive for as long as possible. Would you consider cannibalism?


6) What do you think the island and the meerkats at the end of the movie represent? Also, why do you think Richard Parker never looked back at Pi? Why did one of the Japanese insurance representative ask if bananas float? 






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