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20130105, article, 10 Job Interview Tips

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Session I:


1) Please share with us your interview experiences. What is your success rate? How do you prepare for an interview? What are some tips offered in the article that you found useful or useless?


2) How many hours do you work in a day? How do you allocate your time after work? If you're not happy with your work-life balance, are you planning on looking for a new job soon, perhaps after Chinese New Year?  


3) Except salary, what else attracts you when you look for a job? Have you worked with headhunters before? If so, let us know your experiences with them.


Session II:


4) The article mentioned "Don't Discuss Money", what are your thoughts on this tip? How do you answer if asked how much do you expect to make from a potential job?


5) Please discuss your office culture. Has it ever made you want to quit? How do you deal with annoying colleagues?


6) Please offer any other suggestions on interviews or job related issues not mentioned so far. For example, how do you maintain a positive outlook during the job hunting process or when transitioning to a new job? 






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