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 20130126, The 12 cognitive biases that prevent you from being rational


Article link:


Session I:


1) Have you heard of the term cognitive bias? According to the article, what's the difference between cognitive biases and logical fallacies?


2) Which bias in the article have you heard or thought about? Are you aware that humans have limited cognitive resources? Why do you think this is so based on the article, and what is your opinion?


3) Do you agree or disagree with the explanations of the 12 biases mentioned in the article? Which of the 12 biases do you possess when you make your decisions? 


Session II:


4) Which are some other irrational biases you or your friends have? Please share some examples.  What are the results of some of your biases, did they have some unexpected outcomes?


5) According to the article, ingroup bias is related with oxytocin and it causes us to overestimate the abilities and value our immediate group at the expense of people we don't really know. Are you aware of any other biological factors that impact our emotions or behaviors? When you don't feel well, discuss how is your decision making different?


6) After reading the article, can you figure out any way to avoid cognitive biases? How can we make sure we are making the correct decisions?





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