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20130511, Trillion-euro shortfall facing EU energy sector



Session I: Current Events Discussion

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1. Please share one of the news or issues that you read about this week. Why were you interested in this particular item?


2. What is the significance of this news or issue? Who or what is it about? Was it reported in the media here? How would this affect our daily lives?


3.How do you think this news or issue will be viewed 10, 100, 1000 years from now? Has a similar event occurred before in history?


Session II: Article Discussion

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4. After reading the article and understanding the EU energy situation, what do you think are suitable energy plans for Taiwan? Why is Europe facing an energy shortfall? In your daily life, do you practice recycling? Which countries do you think pollute the most, and how should they be persuaded to recycle more? Why do you think Taiwan is still dependent on nuclear energy? 


5. The people living in the town of Yuanli, Miaoli in Taiwan opposed building wind power generators by hunger strikes recently. As far as you know, what are the advantages and disadvantages of wind power? Do u think that wind power is suitable for Taiwan? Do you think there are serious concerns regarding the noise and electromagnetic radiation from wind power generation? What are other problems of alternative energy and how do these compare with the problems of nuclear power and coal power?

6. If you've lived in Europe or North America, how are the energy costs there compared to Taiwan? 
Can u share with us any methods of energy conservation in your daily lives? Would you consider a hybrid car or electric vehicle? Does Taiwan need to develop a dependable electric scooter soon, and why or why not? Why do you think cheap battery technology has not advanced much in recent years? 


Reference TED talk, Donald Sadoway: The missing link to renewable energy

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